2022 is going to be an exciting year. Not that we are alone in saying so: the European Commission believes that Spain's GDP will grow by 5.5% and that unemployment will continue to fall. The worst of the pandemic may be behind us in 2022, but we think that what we have learned from it will still be very much with us.

Work has changed and so have workers and companies. We have learned to remote working with complete normality and to collaborate with colleagues we have never seen in person, or to always start every meeting with a "how are you?". And at Vitaance, we think more things are going to change.

Here's what we expect from 2022:

Greater interest in wellness than ever before.

We saw it in multiple reports and it will likely continue to grow next year: workers are increasingly willing to change jobs in exchange for wellnes. The pandemic has changed the way millions of people view work. Money is no longer the only reason for choosing one job over another. Well-being at work is fundamental and workers value it more than ever, to the point of looking for another one if the one they have does not provide it.

2022 will bring companies more focused on the well-being of their workers, more attention to social benefits and physical and emotional health programs. More attention to the reasons why we choose one or another organization. Companies that focus on them will find it easier to find the talent they need, and those that neglect them will also experience human capital leakage.

Focus on more social work

Employees are increasingly demanding that their companies be ethical and share their values. It's a trend we've seen for a few years now, especially among millennial employees, but the pandemic has also made it more acute.

It is no longer enough for an employee to have good working conditions to be satisfied with their job. Purpose is becoming increasingly important and is one of the trends that will shape the coming year. Corporate responsibility is no longer a showcase for the marketing department, but a commitment to employees.

A reflection on social protection in the future

The debate on pensions is more present than ever on the political chessboard. The system seems outdated or, at least, unsustainable. And not only retirement pensions, but also disability, widowhood, orphan's and non-contributory pensions. Social protection is one of the most important concerns after this period and we expect it will remain so.

We are going to witness a period of reflection and debate on how we have to take care in the future of those who cannot take care of themselves. We are going to see a debate in which new solutions will have to be put on the table with new actors involved. The private collaboration of pension plans and life insurance is only one part of a more complex formula that will have to be further developed.

What we are going to do

Against this backdrop, at Vitaance we firmly believe in our mission: to improve people's lives. We have the energy, the desire, and the resources to do so, and this is our roadmap for 2022.

Growing to care, without losing who we are

Our first stage for 2022 is to continue to grow the team. We want the team to grow in all areas without losing focus on the most important thing: the customer. The needs of people and companies are our priority and that is why we want to hire an enthusiastic team that will continue on the path we have embarked on. Making the best possible product, democratizing access to better and fairer life insurance, and improving people's lives from day one.

Diversity is another big part of our culture and we want it to be another of our guiding principles in 2022. If the team is not diverse, the product will not meet everyone's needs. That is why, although we are only 10 people at the moment, we come from half a dozen different countries and we are led by a woman. That's how we are and that's how we want to continue.

Ambition to go further and further

We do not dream small. Our plan is to grow in customers and for customer satisfaction to grow at the same speed. We have obtained regulatory approval in record time and have raised an oversubscribed round of funding from some of the world's leading investment funds. We don't want to miss a beat or lose our vision. In 2022 we want to expand and offer more to more people.

Ambition is not just measured in numbers. We want our proposition of improving people's lives to go further, finding partners along the way that allow us to give more and better.

Improving to offer better service

We will never be satisfied with what we do. By 2022 we want to put the best life insurance product on the market in Spain and reach as many people as possible. But as soon as we do that we are going to want to improve it.

We are honest with ourselves and with our customers: we are always going to be able to do better and that is going to be our goal. We are on our way.

Happy 2022

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