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Vitaance is an app that incentivises employees to take care of their mind and body, increases engagement, and protects them with life and accident insurance.

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We engage your team through fun challenges in which everyone participates and simplify access to insurance, so that they understand and appreciate their coverages.

Equipo unido para cambiar el mundo

Incentivamos la competición y la colaboración a través de rankings y retos por equipos, donde los empleados trabajan juntos para alzarse con la victoria, y es que... ¿hay algo más satisfactorio que ganar a tu jefe en algo?

Además, cada esfuerzo que se hace en la app se traduce en reducción de la huella de carbono y donativos a las ONGs con las que colaboramos.

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Lo que nadie quiere, pero todos necesitan

Sabemos que a nadie le gusta pensar en seguros de muerte y accidentes, pero son imprescindibles para cuando pasa lo que no queremos que pase.

Cubrimos a los empleados y sus familias ante cualquier imprevisto, y les educamos sobre bienestar financiero. Les damos lo que necesitan de manera clara, sencilla y sin rollos.

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Let's be honest. Happy employees are more productive, so we are going to put them to work on that.

We incentivise them to improve their physical and mental wellbeing through a game in which they must complete challenges and healthy routines. By doing so, they'll earn rewards such as yoga and training classes, or psychology consultations for free.

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Is there something more satisfying than beating your manager? We bring competition to your company through rankings and team challenges in which employees work together to taste the fruits of victory.

On top of that, every effort they do in the app translates into a reduction of their carbon footprint and donations to the NGOs and charities we work with.

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Nobody likes to think about life and accident insurance, but it is an essential safety net for when the unwanted happens.

We protect employees and their families against risk and educate them on financial wellbeing, providing them with the protection they need in a clear, simple way.

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