The wellbeing of your company, in your hands

Turn an expense into an investment, by measuring the wellbeing and engagement of your employees.

All the important info at a glance:
Engagement rates
Levels of daily activity
Evolution of employee happiness

Simplified management

With just a couple of clicks you'll be able to:
Add and remove employees from the policy
Create fun and engaging challenges for your teams
Choose the rewards your employees value the most

An insurance for the living

We work to empower people to live better and longer, helping them to reduce their bio-age through healthy habits and daily routines.

Our life and disability insurance, protects our members and their loved ones in case of death or an accident.

Allied brands and rewards

Completing Vitaance's challenges does not just help to live better, it also gives you points with which you can unlock exclusive prices and rewards. These are just some of them:


Discounts when buying food baskets in order to fight food waste.

Be Levels

Free healthy products and nutrition workshops.


Exclusive discounts in sustainable mattresses of the highest quality.

Siesta & Go

Free power nap sessions to charge your batteries at any time.


Personalised dental study and up to 300€ in discounts.


Creative workshops and yoga sessions for your peace of mind.

And many more...

¿Ready to improve the wellbeing of your employees?

If you agree that wellbeing plays a key role in employee engagement and their motivation... it's time to have a chat.

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