...insurance for what we can't

The life and accident insurance provide the peace of mind and safety net for them and their families.

Easy management for HR

With just a couple of clicks you'll be able to:
Invite and remove employees to Vitaance
Create your own challenges and rewards
Measure the engagement and wellbeing of your teams

Rewards with an impact

Every effort in Vitaance awards points, which can be redeemed for personal wellbeing rewards and for donations that make the world a better place.

Physical and mental wellbeing


A free month of yoga lessons.


A free consultation with a coach or psychologist.


A free month of training classes.
Donations to NGOs

Drinking water

Donate drinking water to a family in need.

Plant a tree

We'll plant a tree in your name.


Donate a package of humanitarian aid.

And many more...

Ready to bring life to your company?

If you think it's time to improve the wellbeing and productivity of your employees... It's time you discover Vitaance!

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