Live better and longer

Vitaance combines a life and accident insurance with a wellbeing app that will improve your lifestyle.

We will propose you individual and team challenges, and by completing them, you will earn points to unlock rewards and donations.

Physical wellbeing

We'll introduce healthy habits and routines adapted to your physical condition so that you improve everyday.

Mental wellbeing

You'll be able to track the evolution of your mood, practise meditation, breathing techniques, and learn to manage your stress levels.

Financial wellbeing

You'll have an essential layer of protection for yourself and your loved ones thanks to the life and accident insurance.

Social wellbeing

Contribute to the greater good together with your company and coworkers and participate in team challenges that will help you bond and build better relations.

Rewards with an impact

Earn points with every effort you do with Vitaance and redeem them for personal wellbeing rewards and  donations that make the world a better place.

Physical and mental wellbeing


A free month of yoga lessons.


A free consultation with a coach or psychologist.


A free month of training classes.
Donations to NGOs


Donate drinking water to a family in need.

Plant a tree

We'll plant a tree in your name.


Donate a package of humanitarian aid.

And many more...

Want Vitaance for your company?

We'll be delighted to show how Vitaance works to your company, all you need to do is put us in touch with the right person to talk to in the following link:

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